Dental Exams and Checkups

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Understanding Overall Goals of a Dental Checkup and Exam

Two of your dentist’s major aims during a regular dental exam appointment will be to capture intraoral images and digital x-rays that will enable them to update your office records.

Thereafter, cosmetic and general dentists will have a discussion with you about your long-term and short-term goals, as well as your various needs and concerns, and review all your diagnostics pictures with you.

Your dentist will then schedule an in office consultation to review any cosmetic or other procedures available, if you are interested in correcting any aesthetic flaws or redoing any old work.

Should you have any current oral health concerns, such as periodontal disease or cavities that were noticed during your examination, your dentist will then help you determine the very best plan for any restorations that could improve your future smile. He or she will also explain any recommended restorative treatments that would be needed.

What to Expect From Your Dental Checkup and Exam

You can always expect your dentist to thoroughly evaluate your overall dental health, which would include your jaw and bones, as well as your teeth and gums during your regularly scheduled examination.Your dentist will also take a close-up look at the inside of your mouth during the exam and checkup, and also take the necessary x-rays to better understand your total oral health care needs.

The x-rays of your teeth and physical exam of your mouth will put the dentist in a better position to properly assess and diagnose any decay, gum disease, cracks, chips or cavities which might be present in your mouth. Following the examination it is usually a good practice to have professional dental teeth cleaning.

Your dentist will also be ready to discuss any major concerns springing from the exam and checkup, while also offering appropriate care option recommendations.

Proper Examination Scheduling

All dentists highly recommend that their patients get professional, in-office teeth cleanings every six months, and dental checkups and exams and least once a year, better ensuring they maintain their absolute best dental health at all times.

If you have a personal oral health goal of an unblemished and beautiful smile, make every effort to have regularly scheduled dental checkups and examinations, so that your dentist can keep you up-to-date on the latest treatments that he or she is offering. They will most certainly do their best to keep your “pearly whites’ as brilliant as possible.

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