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Smile Makeovers and Smile Reconstructions – The Differences

Have you ever met someone with a smile as “Big as Texas”, and wondered how they were able to achieve such a winning and amazing smile? Maybe you have also wondered if a good cosmetic dentist could help make your smile look just the same? The good news is that most experienced cosmetic dentists offer what is known in the industry as a smile makeover, and you now have the same opportunity to have that same type of smile.

At this point it might be well to note the difference between a smile makeover and a smile reconstruction. Reconstruction dental work, as we covered in a previous article, has to do with the jaw bones, muscles and the shape of the mouth, whereas a makeover has to do with the teeth and their alignment.

Most cosmetic dentists offer a wide variety of smile makeover treatment options, and you will find some of them listed below:

  • Fillings that can be tooth colored
  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Invisalign clear teeth aligners

Once you have scheduled a dental consultation, they will fully analyze your current smile, listen carefully to all of your dental needs and desires, and take a close look at your general health history. Then, using the latest in dental treatment options, they will design the perfect smile makeover just for you.

The treatment the dentist will then recommend to give you a natural, beautiful looking smile, will be based upon your overall health history, the current condition of your teeth, and of course, your personal dreams and desires. You can even view the “before and after” photos of other patients who have had this same procedure, if you would like.

Using SNAP instant digital imaging or a cosmetic wax up, which are both cutting edge technologies, you can even view beforehand what this amazing dental procedure can do for you. This revolutionary dental technology allows dentists to provide the fastest and most effective results for you and all your family, because they can make any needed adaptations before they start by simulating the exact new smile you desire.

With this newly designed smile of your dreams, you will never be quite the same again, and you can begin showing off that smile makeover to all your family members and friends. You should definitely call for a consultation appointment as soon as possible to get your makeover process started.

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