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The noise of dental instruments and the smell of a dental office cause many people to develop an unnecessary anxiety and fear of dental appointments. This mostly unwarranted fear will often keep them from much needed dental care. By providing a dental experience that is peaceful and comfortable, most dentists show they are aware of these feelings, and that they want to relieve that fear and anxiety.

In fact, when a dental patient needs to have their fears relieved, a concerned dentist will work closely with them to make certain those needs are met. It has really proven effective with many dental professionals over the years to just sit down with their patients before a much needed procedure and encourage them to ask the questions and air the concerns that are on their minds.

Many times the knowledge that the option of sedation dentistry is readily available is all that is needed to relieve a patient’s fear and anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

I’m sure almost everyone reading this article is familiar with the term “laughing gas”. It is another name given to nitrous oxide, and it is offered by many concerned dentists who realize that it is preferred by many patients to help them relax prior to a needed dental procedure. This nitrous oxide sedation is available for most all procedures, even teeth cleanings that would normally be considered routine.

Whenever you call for a needed dental appointment, just be sure to always inquire about the availability of “laughing gas”.

Oral Sedation Therapy

Some dental patients have such high anxiety levels when approaching some procedures, root canals for example, that they have been known to literally begin choking or gagging. In these extreme cases dentists can use oral sedation by giving the patient prescription pills several minutes prior to beginning the work, and then carefully monitor their reactions for safety until the procedure is entirely finished.

As a patient, you will feel completely relaxed and drowsy after taking the oral sedation pills, and most patients will not even remember the details of the appointment. In fact, many of them actually prefer to be put to sleep. In any case, even if they happen to fall asleep, they will still be able to respond to the dentist during the procedure, and they will definitely feel relaxed.

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