Dental Smile Reconstruction

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Completely Reconstructing Your Smile

This particular dental procedure can do wonders for your facial appearance and overall confidence, because the end result is a truly beautiful smile. It is a reconstruction process by an experienced oral care practitioner, which eliminates unattractive issues with your gums and teeth, and there are a number of reasons why you could be having these issues or problems.

A person could have a genetic predisposition that is prone to gum/periodontal disease, or they simply could have had some kind of damaging injury to their gums or teeth. A substantial number of dental patients are having these troublesome issues because of an improper oral care regimen.

Whatever the root cause of these dental problems, a person will have had their emotional well-being affected, as well as their physical and oral health.

Smile Reconstruction – What All is Involved?

The complex procedure of smile reconstruction always begins with the very careful study of your inner oral structure, and because every dental patient’s inner structural damage and teeth misalignments are unique, your dentist will formulate a detailed, step-by-step plan to correct the problem.

Every smile reconstruction procedure is meant to deliver a restoration that is long-lasting and will be effective, healthy and aesthetically appealing. It is only designed after considering your personal levels of comfort, and will give you what you have always desired, a winning smile! Your dental and oral care professionals will most certainly make sure that these measures are faithfully followed.

Bad Oral Health Care – The Inevitable Results

The effects of bad oral health care are detrimental to your emotional well-being and physical health, as well as to your smile and mouth. Some of those serious issues are listed below:

  • Besides leading to pregnancy difficulties, improper or bad oral health can cause the babies of mothers with this problem to suffer from several birth issues or medical problems, such as low birth weight and premature birth.
  • Eventual bone degeneration can be the ultimate result of several years with missing teeth.
  • Periodontitis and other dental issues and teeth problems can be the eventual cause of gum or gingiva infections and inflammation, and serious health issues such as strokes, heart attacks, cancer and arthritis.
  • Indigestion and even malnutrition can result from the inability to chew food properly.
  • The jaw muscles and joints can experience pain as the result of bite misalignment.

Since it bears a direct relationship to whether or not you have complete health in your body all throughout your life, it is essential that you have healthy teeth and gums. So, in order for your dental professional to detect any potentially serious issues, it is therefore very essential for you to have regularly scheduled dental checkups.

This habit will not only help to ensure that you keep a youthful, brilliant smile throughout your life, it will also allow your oral health practitioner to know if have a real need for a dental smile reconstruction.

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